International outlook

Our international outlook is a strategic pillar for us at the Paris-Dauphine University and the Department of Masters in Sciences of Organizations (MSO). We encourage exchanges of students, interns and teachers. We welcome the best foreign students to study for a Master degree at Dauphine. Our most innovative programmes are available in a range of countries worldwide and we offer double degrees with our foreign partners.

The MSO Department has EQUIS accreditation (European Quality for Improvement System). This was awarded to the University of Paris-Dauphine in 2009 in recognition of its academic excellence and the high degree of internationalisation in its education. EQUIS boosts our credibility on the international scene and fosters partnerships with leading institutions abroad.
The MSO Graduate School underpins its international outlook with :

  • Socrates-Erasmus, the European Union exchange programme : student mobility is constantly growing with the help of the ECTS system (European Credit Transfer System). The supply of teaching in English and FFL (French as a Foreign Language) courses has been expanded and students are strongly advised to pass the TOEIC or le TOEFL test.
  • 160 inter-university agreements signed with leading foreign universities and schools chosen for their scientific and teaching qualities.
    Find out more on the International Office website.
  • 3 double degree agreements for students selected every year by two universities in order to work towards a degree from each establishment. For example, a Master 1 in Applied Economics and a Master 1 in Management are available in partnership with Autonoma de Madrid University, UQUAM (Montreal, Canada) and Latin America.
  • 15 overseas degree programmes round out our international outlook with Paris-Dauphine University teaching structures set up abroad.

Our Dauphine alumni constantly add to and build on our vast network of exchanges with all continents. Our students draw on this network to quickly and easily find academic courses and programmes worldwide. This initiative attracts a large number of foreign students and has made for a strong scientific and personal bridge between different cultures.