Our world-class teaching faculty and the practical focus of our studies give you courses that blend academic excellence with high-level professional expertise. These courses, available in full-time and executive education format, are tailored to market demand and trends and incorporate the latest research developments.

Our study projects are designed to develop personal initiative and autonomy. Our internships and apprenticeship degree programmes are geared to work experience and immersion and to develop and shape each student’s career plans.

Our apprenticeship degree programmes have really taken off with students and companies in recent years, and their success is guaranteed by a sustainable partnership with the business world.

The creation of the Dauphine Foundation in 2008 has raised the profile of our long-standing bond with business. Corporate backing for our studies is vital to our world-class excellence and innovation. The Dauphine Foundation sets up and builds on partnership agreements signed with business on six major development projects. One of these is the Dauphine Incubator established in 2012 to select Dauphine student start-up projects and launch three to five of these start-ups every year.