Careers and employability

The Department of Masters in sciences of Organization (MSO) enjoys an extremely high level of graduate employability: 96% of our 2008 graduates are in work, with the vast majority of them on open-ended employment contracts.

Entry into the world of work is a gradual process. We encourage our students to think about the match between their studies and their career ambitions every step of the way.
Our Masters teaching methods also tie in with the business world as many of our programmes include practical experience. Back on campus, our teaching teams integrate into the students’ courses the skills they have acquired on work experience.
A careers advice service – the Dauphine Business Service at the Joint Information, Academic & Careers Advice Service (SCUIO) – assists students with their choices. It provides students with tools such as the job/internship vacancies database (Geodes) and active assistance with their job-seeking strategies (CV, up-to-date information on the businesses, simulated job interviews with the participation of employers, etc.).
The annual focal point for students is the Business Forum, held at Dauphine in February, followed by a dedicated Masters Forum.
Our staff work hard on all these actions with career opportunity rewards for our graduates.